Physician PLE Room Assignments: March 2019 Licensure Exam

To know your Physician PLE Room Assignment, please see below the official list provided by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

The exam venues listed on this page are specifically for the Physician Licensure Exam this March 3-4, 10-11, 2019.

We highly recommend visiting your exam venue and testing center before your exam date so you can already be sure where to go when you finally take your exam. You wouldn’t want to be late or worse, end up at the wrong venue!

But even before verifying your PLE Room Assignment, do not forget to read these important announcements about your Board Exam first.

Important Announcements for the Physician Licensure Exam

1. The following items are prohibited in the exam premises:

  • Books, notes, review materials or any printed materials containing formula, information, helpful tools, etc.
  • Cellphones, smart watches, portable computers, and other electronic gadgets which can be used for communication
  • Programmable calculators
  • Bags of any kind (shoulder bag, handbag, backpack, etc.)
  • Other examination aides not stated here

2. Bring the following items with you on the exam date:

  • Notice of Admission (NOA)
  • Official Receipt
  • Two (2) or more Pencils (No. 2)
  • Black ballpens (black ink only)
  • One (1) long, transparent plastic envelope (for safekeeping of valuables)
  • One (1) Long-size brown envelope

3. Do not forget to follow the Dress Code. That is, your school uniform.

4. Make sure to follow the instructions in your Examinee’s Kit and Notice of Admission (NOA).

5. Finally, do not be late. Late examinees will NOT be admitted. On the first day of your Board Exam, examinees should be at the testing venue by 6:30 a.m.

* For other important Board Exam announcements, you can find them here:

Physician PLE Room Assignments: March 2019 Licensure Exam

Now that you’ve read and understood the important announcements above, you may click the link of the city of your board exam venue below. This will enable you to view the appropriate PLE Room Assignment.

Physician Licensure Exam PLE Room Assignments

If the post for your testing center venue is not yet clickable or, if when you click it, it does not show a PDF document yet, it means that the PRC has not yet released the Room Assignment for it.

Regardless, you can be sure that we always update this page and post announcements on our Facebook page once room assignment updates (and all other guidelines and announcements) are available so make sure to LIKE the Philippine Board Exam Results Facebook page.

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Source: Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)