MedTech Medical Technology Board Exam Results (Mar 2020): with Job Openings, Salary, More!

You can now find below all these updates about the results of the MedTech Exam 2020:

  • Medical Technology (MedTech) Board Exam Results and Passers List
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  • Best Performing School

These exam results and list of passers are specifically for those who took the MedTech Board Exam last March 18-19, 2020. They were provided by the supreme authority for all licensure exams, the Professional Regulation Commission or PRC.

You can find them by scrolling towards the bottom of this page. But if you find there that the exam results are not yet available, please make sure to bookmark and visit this page every day so you’ll be able to see once it gets updated with the passers list!

On top of your board exam results, you will also find on this page the next steps you should take if you passed, your career opportunities, job openings, your expected average salary as a newly licensed professional, organizations you can join, and how you can maintain your PRC license.

So make sure you read all of the content and information we’ve compiled for you! All these will help you maximize your employment opportunities as a newly licensed PRC professional in the field of Medical Technology.

MedTech Board Exam Results

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Your Next Steps: What to Do if You Passed the MedTech Board Exam

If you find from one of the links below that you passed the Medical Technologist Board Exam, then…

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now a MedTech!

We trust that all your hard work, sacrifices, and effort have paid off. Great job to you!

Having said our congratulations to you, we now have to point out that you have two (2) immediate next steps:

1. Register for Your PRC ID.

To formalize your becoming a duly licensed professional, make sure that you apply and register for your PRC ID.

Register for your PRC ID online

Aside from ensuring your standing as a licensed professional, your PRC ID also doubles as a widely accepted valid ID that you can show to banks and financial institutions when applying for bank accounts, credit cards, loans, and other banking products. The same can be said when you need an ID to show government institutions for whatever required purpose.

It’s a very useful ID so make sure you get it!

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2. Verify Your Board Exam Rating.

What is your total score? What score did you get in each section of your board exam?

If you want to know these information, then make sure to check your actual board exam score online. Just like for number one above, the process to do that is simple!

You may find here the procedure detailing how to verify your board exam rating online.

In the following sections, you will soon learn valuable information related to your profession: Your various career paths, employment opportunities, average salary estimates, and PRC license responsibilities.

We are sure that you will find all these helpful so please feel free to read them and learn as much information as you can about your new profession!

Functions of a Medical Technologist

What specific functions or roles can you perform as a licensed MedTech? If you join a company, what roles and responsibilities might management assign to you?

The scope of practice of Medical Technologists involves the following:

  • Applies knowledge of theory and principles related to clinical laboratory testing
  • Performs hematologic, chemical, microscopic, microbiologic, parasitologic, immunologic, immunohematologic, blood banking, histopathologic and cytologic laboratory procedures
  • Performs phlebotomy or blood collection and processes and/or preserves biologic specimens prior to analysis
  • Follows established procedures for collecting and processing biological specimens for analysis
  • Performs quality control and ensures compliance to quality assurance guidelines and standards
  • Evaluates and solves problems related to collection and processing of biological specimens for analysis
  • Differentiates and resolves technical, instrument, physiologic causes of problems or unexpected test results
  • Performs documentation and maintains records of laboratory testing

Source: Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)

Career Opportunities in Medical Technology

A medical technologist has several career options. He/she can work as a laboratory scientist in a Clinical Laboratory, as a teacher in the medical technology program, as a researcher, or a product specialist marketing diagnostic supplies, reagents, equipment or pharmaceutical products.

The practice of medical technology is one of the robust and dynamic healthcare professions. The development and emergence of new types of tests and technologies is prospering. There is a greater demand for better and personalized and customized care, and the population is growing.

Given this world-wide situation, there is an increasing need for laboratory tests all over the world. As such, the medical technologist is a major player in the delivery of healthcare services both in the local and international setting.

So, given your standing as a newly licensed MedTech, which career opportunity stated above would you prefer?

Source: Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)

Average Salary of MedTechs

If you find your name in the list of passers of MedTech Board Exam Results below and you’re excited to start your career, then make sure you know how much your salary and benefits will be. We have researched this for you so you can have a good idea of the average earnings of professionals in your chosen field.

To determine the average salary of a fresh graduate, entry-level employee in your chosen profession, we present you with two (2) sources. We hope these give you an idea of how much you will be earning as you start out as a MedTech!

1. Salary of a Medical Technologist (from SalaryExplorer)

Given the data points that they have collected, SalaryExplorer indicates that the average monthly salary of a Medical Technologist is: PHP 42,703

This salary figure typically includes housing, transportation, and other benefits offered by local employers.

Click to find more information on SalaryExplorer’s average salary for MedTech.

2. Salary of a MedTech (from PayScale)

On the other hand, the data that PayScale has gathered reveals that the average monthly salary of an entry-level Medical Technologist is: PHP 14,710

In the beginning, this might appear low for you. But as you gain more years of experience and get promoted, you’ll find that as an experienced MedTech, your average monthly salary will increase to: PHP 29,333

Click to find more information on PayScale’s average salary for MedTechs.

Though the figures shared above may be different, we hope that this at least gives you an idea of how much your salary will be as you start and eventually progress throughout your career!

Job Opportunities for Medical Technologists

Did you find your name in the MedTech Board Exam Results list? Are you ready to find a job and work in the real world?

If you are looking for MedTech employment opportunities, then you’ll be glad to know that there are numerous job vacancies for you!

1. MedTech Job Openings in Government (from the Civil Service Commission)

Do you want to be a government employee? If yes, you’re in luck because there are a number of MedTech job openings for you!

The very first job opening available to you in the CSC has the following details:

  • Job title: Medical Technologist I
  • Company: PGO BATANGAS
  • Location: Provincial Health Office – Martin Marasigan Memorial District Hospital
  • Salary: P22,316.00 per month

Click here to see all government job opportunities for Medical Technologists from the Civil Service Commission.

2. Medical Technology Job Openings (from JobStreet)

A quick look at Jobstreet reveals several job openings for MedTechs, both here in the Philippines and abroad. Lucky you!

The first Jobstreet job opening available to you has the following details:

  • Job title: Jr. Medical Technologists
  • Company: Hi-Precision Diagnostics Center, Inc. – Rockwell branch
  • Location: Makati City

Click here to see all job opportunities for Medical Technologists from JobStreet.

3. Medical Technologist Job Openings (from Indeed)

On the other hand, if we take a look at job openings for Medical Technologists at Indeed, we find there are a number of vacancies for you, too! These companies are based not just in Metro Manila but also in various cities all over the Philippines as well.

The job opening at the top of the list of Indeed has these details:

  • Job title: HIV Analyst / Proficient Medical Technologist
  • Company: Opticare Diagnostics Lab Inc.
  • Location: Makati City

Click here to see all job opportunities for MedTechs from Indeed.

But please keep in mind that these two sources are just the start. You can find more job openings from:

Make sure to apply for as many jobs as you can — but don’t forget that the job openings you choose to apply for should one day enable you to attain the career path you chose for yourself above!

Professional Organizations for MedTechs

Don’t just look for jobs as you start your career. Make sure to seek out and be a member of accredited organizations for Medical Technologists!

These accredited organizations will help you:

  • Gain more skills that will help you get promoted and/or become highly employable
  • Earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) units — you’ll need this to renew your PRC license!
  • Expand your network

And more!

Having said all these, we encourage you to join this PRC-accredited organization for MedTechs: Philippine Association of Medical Technologists (PAMET)

You can find more information about this organization on the PRC website.

How to Maintain and Renew Your PRC License

Please do not forget that your PRC license has an expiry date; you will have to renew it regularly so you can legally practice your profession here in the Philippines.

More importantly, your PRC license might one day be all you need to be able to work in neighboring ASEAN countries!

So make sure to maintain and renew your PRC ID regularly.

Instructions on How to Renew Your PRC ID Online

You may renew your PRC license by creating an account and/or logging into

To make it even easier for you, click here to see a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to renew your PRC license online.

how to renew your PRC license online

Requirements for Renewing Your PRC License

In order to renew your PRC license, please find below the basic requirements:

  1. One (1) passport size picture in white background with name tag.
  2. Payment of renewal fee. The cost of renewal fees are as follows:
    • For professions requiring baccalaureate degrees: PHP 450.00 for three (3) years.
    • For professions requiring non-baccalaureate degrees: PHP 420.00 for three (3) years.
    • Tip: Do NOT forget to renew on time because there is a fee for late PRC ID renewals! A fee of PHP 30.00 (for baccalaureate degree holders) and PHP 28.00 (for non-baccalaureate degree holders) will be levied if you renew your license at least twenty (20) days after your birth month.
  3. If renewal will be done via an authorized representative, he/she must present a letter of authority.
  4. Lastly, please do not forget that your profession may require you to earn CPD units to be able to renew your license. Click here to see a list of accredited CPD Program Providers.

MedTech Medical Technology Board Exam Results (Mar 2020)

Last but not least, on this section, you will find the number of MedTech Board Exam passers, its topnotchers, the best performing school, and the actual list of exam passers.

You’ll finally find out below if you passed this licensure exam!

Number of Mar 2020 Medical Technology (MedTech) Board Exam Passers

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Topnotchers of Mar 2020 Medical Technology (MedTech) Board Exam

Who are the Top 10 Passers (or more commonly known as topnotchers) of this board exam? Are YOU one of the topnotchers?

Find out below:

Best Performing School in the Mar 2020 Medical Technology (MedTech) Board Exam

Which school achieved the highest percentage of passers for this board exam? Is it your school?

The best performing school in this board exam is…

MedTech Board Exam Results (Mar 2020) and List of Passers

If you want to see all the names of those who passed this licensure exam, please find below the full list of passers for the Mar 2020 Medical Technologist Board Exam.

Please note that this is arranged by alphabetical order of all examinees’ last name.

We sincerely hope you find your name in the corresponding list below. Good luck — and advanced congratulations!

Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)
Medical Technology (MedTech) Board Exam Results
March 2020 Board Exam
Released on March 2020

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